Elios 3 and EU Outdoor regulations


The new European drone regulation adopt a risk-based approach considering the specifications of the drone and the operation intended to conduct.

This article explains in which category ELIOS 3 can operate and what are the requirements.

Official European drone regulation: EASA website


I am only operating Elios 3 indoor, am I concerned?

No, Indoor operations are not impacted by the EU drone regulation


Where is this regulation applicable?

  • Since January 2021: 27 EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein
  • Since September 2023: Switzerland
  • UK: Not applicable

In which category ELIOS 3 can operate? 

Elios can be operated outdoor in the Open A3 category or Specific category


Will I have to register my ELIOS?

No, UAV registration is generally not required in the Open and the Specific category.

Will I have to register myself as a UAS operator?

  • Yes. The registration process is in the responsibility of the National Aviation Authority.
  • Online operator training and tests are also provided by the National Aviation Authority.

Does ELIOS 3 needs an Remote Identification?

  • When operating in Open Category:
    • No (as ELIOS 3 has been put on the market before the 1st of January 2024)
  • When operating in Specific category:
    • Yes

You could refer to the remote ID compatibility

Open A3 Category

ELIOS 3 can operate in A3 category if the following requirements are met:

  • Operation requirements:
    • VLOS (visual line of sight)
    • Not in restricted airspace
    • Max. 120m altitude above ground
    • 150m (horizontal) distance from residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas
    • Fly in an area where you can reasonably expect that no uninvolved person will be endangered
  • Operator requirements:
    • Read the user manual
    • Register the operator (through the National Aviation Authority)
    • Complete the operator online training and test (through National Aviation Authority)
  • Drone requirements:
    • Operator registration number shall be attached on the drone

Specific Category

  • Example of operation in the specific category: 
    • BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
    • Flying higher than 120m above ground level
    • OOP - Operations Over People
  • Operation requirements: 
    • Authorization from your country’s National Authority, by submitting a specific operational risk assessment (SORA) or by using a existing Pre-Defined Risk Assessment (PDRA)
  • Operator requirements:
    • As the open category, the operator will need to be registered through the National Aviation Authority and pass the required training and test.
  • Drone requirements:
    • Operator registration number shall be attached on the drone

Operator registration number

How I get my Operator registration number?

When registering online with your National Aviation Authority, you will get a drone operator ID number


How attach the operator registration number to ELIOS 3?

The operator registration number shall be attached outside the drone and readable. There is no further modification required by EASA. A sticker or label will be enough.

We recommend to not attach any sticker/label and in/near the propellers ducts and to not use hot glue to fix the stickers or plate.


Remote ID compatibility 

If your ELIOS 3 is equipped with same antennas as shown on the picture, the remote ID feature is already integrated and you don't need an external module, the broadcast can be enabled with Cockpit Application (Since 2023.12.2 version)


If your ELIOS does not have the same antennas as shown on the picture, you could use a third party module, a mount adapter can be purchased from Flyability or reseller.


Who applies for an Operational Authorization (by a SORA or a PDRA)?

The operator has to get the approval for operation, by getting a SORA approved by the national aviation authority.

If one user applies for SORA, is it valid across all countries for all users?

Generally no, the Operational Authorization of a SORA is not transferable and has to be filed by every operator.


Can Flyability help me requesting an authorization to my National Aviation Authority (NAA)?

Yes, you can contact us at regulatory@flyability.com to ask your question.