When and how to replace Elios Propellers

If any damage is noticed on one of the propellers, it shall be changed. To do so, unscrew the nut and replace the propeller. 


How to change the propellers

Elios packages are delivered with a Dynamometric screwdriver which is pre-set to the correct torque of 1.4Nm. Using this tool eliminates the risk of overtightening the motor nuts and damaging the threaded motor shafts.

The aircraft has two type of propellers, please refer to the video and the drawings below.


Propellers orientation

props e2-2



Note: If correctly tightened the propeller should not have any play on the motor shaft, nor should it be possible to rotate the propeller in relation to the motor shaft. An insufficiently tightened nut can cause a crash and might result in serious damage to the robot and injure people or infrastructure.

Only use FLYABILITY Propellers.

Do not use pliers or other tools to hold the rotor. It might bend the motor shaft. Gloves should be used instead.

Never use the same motor nut more than once, as the nylon locking ring will no longer be effective when re-used. Propellers are delivered with new motor nut.