How to retrieve data for support

⚠ In order to provide a solution the fastest as possible, it is important to provide the necessary data for the support investigation.

This article will help you to know what specific data needs to be sent and how to share it to the support.

All files sent must be zipped per flights

⚠ Any data shared to the support are stored on strictly confidential folders and only used for support investigation purpose.


What files must be sent? 

Issue when the drone is armed or Issue with Inspector mapping:

Inspector flight folder + debug file + Cockpit recording 

Issue when the drone is disarmed: (occurred at the power up or after the flight)

Inspector flight folder¹ + Idle files

¹ if issue occurred after the flight

Issue with Cockpit app: 

Cockpit recording + STN files


Extract Inspector project folder with debug file

Connect the aircraft to Inspector, then go to the Import tab

Identify and select the flight concerned by the issue 

Select the option Import debut files

Debug file

Choose the location of the project folder then click Import



Extract Cockpit video recording with STN files

Connect the tablet to a computer (make sure transferring files option is activated)

Read more about the connection of the tablet to a computer here

Access the Tablet internal storage with a Windows explorer

Internal storage

All the video recordings with their corresponding STN file are stored in this location: 

Tablet internal storage


In some case, the support can ask a copy of the hidden STN files, they are stored in the following location:

Hidden STN files

Extract Idle files

Idle file can be shown in the Import tab when the option is selected, they can be downloaded directly from this tab by clicking on the download logo on the right side.

Idle files

If the issue occurred after the flight, the corresponding idle file will be the one above the flight (e.g. for the flight 393-1 the idle file will be 394-1)

In case the issue occurred before the flight, the corresponding idle file will be the one below (e.g. for the flight 393-1 the idle file will be 393-undefined)

How to zip files

Windows zip2

Select the folder/ flights that you want to zip

Right-click then select Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder

Send the data to support

When a ticket is created, you will received an automatic reply including a link for sending data related to this ticket.

Data can be also shared via the platform of your choice but make sure the link allow the access to the support team.