Elios 3 - System updates

What's must be done:

  1. Inspector update
  2. Elios 3 drone update via Inspector
  3. Cockpit update via the tablet

Cockpit + Inspector + Drone must be up to date before the use!

If one of the component is not up to date, incompatibilities and bugs can result! 

You could refer to the compatibility chart at the bottom of the article

Material required

  • Elios 3 drone
  • Elios 3 Tablet
  • Elios 3 battery, fully charged
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 cable
  • Inspector 4 (latest version available)


  • Fully charge one Elios 3 battery
  • Leave the LiDAR connected to the drone.
  • Export all flights from the drone, to avoid any loss of data

I - Inspector updates

  • Launch Inspector Software
  • A pop-up message will propose a new update, click on download

If you don't receive any update notification, please see this article to download and install Inspector 4

  • A loading bar will appear, displaying the status of the download
  • Then the program will shut down and the Inspector Setup wizard will appear for the installation, click next and follow the instructions.

II - Drone update procedure

  • Turn on the Elios 3 with a fully
    charged battery
  • Connect the Elios 3 to your computer with the USB3.1 Gen1 provided cable.
  • Wait until the drone power button turns to a steady purple colour.
  • Once the drone is recognized by Inspector, a pop-up message will appear
  • Click the "Update my drone now" to start the update process.

If you click the "Later" button, you will have no access to the drone.

To update the drone, you will have to close Inspector and open it again or disconnect the drone USB and reconnect it.

  • Once you hit the Update button, the process will start
  • When the drone is updated, you will get the following pop-up

  • Wait until the drone completely reboots
    • Power button must be purple
    • Inspector is connected to the drone

During the update the Elios 3 power button LED will turn steady blue and then blinking blue. 
Be patient this process can take up to 10 minutes and during this time the drone might seem unresponsive.

System Versions Compatibility Chart


Inspector Elios 3 Avionics Cockpit 22-19 22-15 22-11