How to retrieve previous flight data from your Elios 3 since 2024 April update

If you have updated your Elios 3 to the 2024 April firmware (2024.02), or onward, and need to retrieve flights or simply erase the drone memory from flights done with an earlier version of the firmware. Please follow the steps described below.


  1. Elios 3 drone
  2. Elios 3 battery charged at minimum 50%
  3. USB cable
  4. Inspector 4 installed
  5. Previous Elios 3 firmware .swu file. Download link
If you have already done flights with the new firmware, and you need to keep them, please import them with Inspector 5 before continuing.


  1. Power up your Elios 3 and connect it to your computer
  2. Open Inspector 5 and make sure Inspector 4 is closed
  3. In the Inspector 5 window, from the left menu click on DRONE
  4. Click on the "Flash custom firmware" button and select the downloaded .swu file
  5. The drone will now downgrade to the previous firmware
  6. During the downgrade, you might see errors and warnings notifications, please ignore them
  7. Once the drone as restarted, close Inspector 5 and open Inspector 4
  8. If you get a popup message to update your drone firmware, click the "Later" button
  9. Import all the required flights
  10. From the left menu, click on DRONE
  11. From the DRONE menu, click "EMPTY STORAGE" and "DELETE DEBUG DATA"

You can now update to the latest version of the drone firmware.

  1. From Inspector 4 or Inspector 5 go to the DRONE menu
  2. Click the "Update now" button. The update process will start