How to make a remote controller stick calibration

Calibration ensures that the control sticks have correct center point and range, the status LED on the GCS unit will blink red and a beeping sound will be heard when calibration is necessary. The control sticks can be calibrated with the DJI GO app by following these steps:

  • Install "DJI GO--For products before P4" on your personal device. We do not recommend, to install it on the provided tablet. Cockpit and DJI GO do not get along well.
    Download DJI Go App for Android or IOS
  • Connect the GCS to a device with DJI GO, turn on the GCS and launch DJI GO
  • DJI GO will automatically detect the Lightbridge 2, press on the "Camera" button

DJI GO will ask you to update the firmware of the Control unit. DO NOT do this. The firmware version of the controller must remain at version 1.2.10

As DJI GO and Elios Cockpit don't get along , we do not recommend you to install it on the Flyability tablet. We recommend installing DJI GO on your personal device, such as smartphone or tablet.


  • In the next screen, press the settings icon in the top right corner
  • In the settings menu, select the transmitter icon tab, then press on the "Remote Controller Settings" arrow


  • Press on the "Remote Controller Calibration" arrow


  • Press "Calibrate" and follow the instructions on screen