Self training with Elios 2

Every Flyability drone comes with a complementary training, but for some users it is sufficient to go through a self-training process. The following documents are available for pilots wishing to go through self training.

Online Introductory Course. This is a short theory presentation to introduce new users to the features of the Elios 2 drone. 

It must be completed by all new pilots to activate the warranty.

Flight Simulator. This simulator runs on the Elios 2 tablet and can be used familiarize yourself with the flight controls in a realistic setting. Download and install the .APK file onto the tablet,  run the app, and connect the tablet to a controller. The tablet requires an internet connection for a one time activation at first use. 

Training Exercises. These are designed to give new pilots hands on experience  with flying the drone in a safe area before heading out into the field. The training box shown in the exercises can be created by cutting ca. 450mm diameter holes into a cardboard box. It serves to give an impression of the behavior of the drone in extremely confined spaces.

Explore the product support articles. Read the manual, familiarize yourself with the features of the drone to avoid surprises. Start with simple inspections, and plan them carefully.

Additional Training

Flyability and its local resellers offer additional training programs:

  • Advanced Inspection Methodology training
  • Photogrammetry Training

Visit our training page for a complete overview of our offering.