Remote controller is beeping and red LED flashes

A  beeping sound and red flashing LED can indicate the following errors:
  • Low battery
  • Stick calibration
  • Hardware error

If the possibility of a low battery has been eliminated then the use of the "DJI GO" app is required the debug the issue further. 

As DJI GO and Elios Cockpit don't get along , we do not recommend you to install it on the Flyability tablet. We recommend installing DJI GO on your personal device, such as smartphone or tablet.


What you will need:

  • USB Cable
  • The remote controller


These steps have to be followed:

  • Deploy, connect the USB cable and turn on the GCS.
  • Launch DJI GO app
  • Once the Remote Controller Picture appears, tap on Camera.


DJI GO will ask you to update the firmware of the Control unit. DO NOT do this. The firmware version of the controller must remain at version 1.2.10

  • Tap on the bar at the top of the screen to display the cause of the error.



  1. If calibration is required: follow the on screen instructions to perform the calibration.
    Instruction are detailed in this articles
  2. A hardware error requires the unit to be sent back for repairs or swapped out for a new unit. Please contact the support