Inspector 3 & 4 - Documentation & download

Inspector 4.0 - Montetan test screenshot

Inspector 4 is the new official Flyability software used to analyze the inspection footage gathered by Elios 3 and Elios 2 systems.

Inspector allows you to review the flight video alongside certain telemetry values and the thermal camera images. It also allows you to:

  • Edit or create Points of Interest
  • Analyze the video frame-by-frame
  • View and extract the Thermal Camera data
  • Export images, thermal and RGB videos
  • Create inspection reports
  • Recreate 3D models of the flight environment
  • Make distance measurements 


  • Aircraft: Elios 3, Elios 2*
  • OS: Windows 10 (update 1903+ for Pro and Home editions)
    CPU: Needs to support virtualization 
    (Tested on Intel I5-6600, I7-6700, I7-7500 tested)
    Ram: 8GB minimum
  • *For Elios 2 users, it requires an Inspector Premium license to create maps of inspection using the mapping algorithm embedded in Inspector.