Elios 3 - Maintenance



General maintenance

Elios 3 doesn't require a maintenance service, only some parts must be replaced in function of their flight time.

 - Cleaning: Every mission

 - Motors: Every 50h

 - Propellers: Every 10h

 - Batteries: Every 50 Cycles or 6 months of use.

If any damage is noticed on a component, it shall be changed, even if it doesn't reach its life time limit (e.g. damaged propeller tip).

If any doubt, please contact the support

Cleaning the aircraft

Dusty E3

Most of the drone and the cage can be cleaned with compressed air and Isopropanol alcohol with a soft plastic brush.

Replace a cage element


  • Ziptie 2.5x100mm
  • Mechanic plier and Cutting plier
  • Cage elements

Replace a propeller


  • Propellers
  • 1.4 Nm Driver with 8mm socket
  • Gloves (propellers can be sharp!)

Replace a motor


  • Motor
  • T8 Bit with 0.4 Nm driver
  • Motor centering jig 

Remove and install the LIDAR payload


  • T8 Bit with 0.4 Nm driver
  • LiDAR cap

Replace a LED panel


  • LED panel
  • T8 screwdriver