How to configure the HDMI output for secondary monitor

The HDMI output can be connected to a secondary monitor for demonstration purposes, or in combination with higher brightness monitor when flying in direct daylight.

To be used, the HDMI output needs to be configured on the remote controller.


What you will need:

  • USB Cable
  • The remote controller

DJI GO will ask you to update the firmware of the remote controller. DO NOT do this. The firmware version of the controller must remain at version 1.2.10

As DJI GO and Elios Cockpit don't get along , we do not recommend you to install it on the Flyability tablet. We recommend installing DJI GO on your personal device, such as smartphone or tablet.


These steps have to be followed:


  1. When the controller has connected to the tablet, the blue camera button will appear in the main menu of the DJI GO app.
  2. Go to the HD tab (Image transmission settings)
  3. Make sure you have
    • HDMI Video output: Enabled
    • Output port: HDMI
  4.  Check these settings: 
        - App Output mode: LB 
        - Output Port: HDMI
        - Output mode: LB
        - OSD Settings: Disable OSD
  5. Then choose the Output Format that your monitor can display.
  6. You may now leave DJI GO app and turn off the RC unit.

hdmi Settings-1