Cockpit 3 - How to update

Cockpit Automatic installation

Cockpit updates are made Over The Air, connect the tablet to an internet connection, then start Cockpit App.

The application will display a notification whenever a new version is available. Click on the update button and follow the instructions.

Manual update

Download the latest version of the Cockpit APK.

Connect the tablet to your computer, through the USB cable. You will need to unlock the tablet, and set the USB mode to "Transferring files / Android Auto"

To change the USB mode, swipe down the notification bar, and tap twice on the Android System entry :

From the selection menu, select "Transferring files / Android Auto" :

Copy the Cockpit APK you just downloaded onto the tablet memory, to the location of you choice, we recommend the Download folder.

The shown version in the image above is for example only

Once the apk has been copied. From the tablet screen, open the My Files application

Head to the location where you copied the apk, if you can't find it you may select the "Installation files" shortcut (Step 1) and then tap on the apk (Step 2) :

If you have not authorized installation from unknown sources you will get the following message, tap on "Settings"

Scroll down until you get to "My Files" and enable the setting entry

Once you have enabled the setting, the installation pop-up will show directly, tap on "Update" :

Once Cockpit is fully installed, open it, follow the onscreen instructions and accept all the permissions

You have now installed Cockpit! Connect your remote control and power on the drone to confirm that everything is working as intended.

If you need to update your drone, please see Elios 3 Updates

If you need any help on the procedure, please contact