B-RID for Elios 3 mounting instructions

This article will explain how to mount the B-RID support for Elios 3

Received material

  1. Support with attached securing o-ring
  2. Screws
  3. Replacement o-ring

Step-by-step Guide

Remove the 2 rear screws from the top of the drone

Place the support

Secure the support with the 2 provided screws

Place the Remote ID device

Secure the Remote ID device

Recommended Remote ID device

We have tested Elios 3 with the Dronetag Beacon. While you could use another model, we highly recommend using this one as the support has been made to fit with it.

If you prefer to use another type of device, please be sure that the dimensions do not exceed 36.5 mm (l) x 25 mm (w) x 16 mm (h) and that no external antennas are needed or present.