Elios 3 Updates

What's must to be done:

  1. Inspector update
  2. Elios 3 drone update via Inspector
  3. Cockpit update via the tablet

Every components must be up to date before the use!

Otherwise incompatibilities and bugs can result!

Material required

  • Elios 3 drone
  • Elios 3 GCS (remote control and tablet)
  • Elios 3 battery, fully charged
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 cable
  • ZIP archive containing all the software and firmware
  • Inspector 4 (latest version available)


  • Fully charge one Elios 3 battery, the remote controller and the tablet
  • Leave the LiDAR connected to the drone.
  • Unzip the downloaded archive to your favorite location
  • Export all flights from the drone, to avoid any loss of data


Drone update procedure

  1. Turn off the remote controller
  2. Turn on the Elios 3 with a fully
    charged battery
  3. Connect Elios 3 to your computer with the USB3.1 Gen1 provided cable.
  4. Wait until the drone power button turns to a steady purple color.
  5. Once the drone is recognized by Inspector, select the DRONE entry from the left menu
  6. Click the Update now button. This will open a file selection prompt. Select from the unzipped folder the file named “gaston_22-11.swu” and click on the “Open” button.
  7. The drone update will start. 
  8. The update is done once the drone has rebooted and the LED is purple again.

During the update the Elios 3 power button LED will turn steady blue and then blinking blue. 
Be patient this process can take up to 10 minutes and during this time the drone might seem unresponsive.