How to send your drone to Flyability

Please follow these guidelines, forms and labels to help you return your UAV to Flyability safely and smoothly. This applies to maintenance, repair or at the end of a lease.

There are several requirements including regulation/customs clearance you might be liable for. In case of a question or a doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that shipments are subject to customs duties and VAT on importation.

As a Company you are entitled to get your VAT back from your local Administration.


Your drone was delivered with a Return Folder, you can download the latest version as a zip file here:

Folder Content

  • Return Form (x1)
  • Proforma Invoice for return to be completed (x1)
  • Seco Certificate (x 2)
  • Lithium Batteries Shipping Form (x1)


Please follow the steps bellow:

1. Beware of dangerous goods regulations for lithium batteries 

  • As a shipper, you (personally) and your company are responsible for meeting those regulations. You could be held liable for not meeting those. Do not ship any loose ELIOS Lipo batteries.
  • Beware that the tablet and Remote Control have Lipo batteries contained in equipment. Therefore,
    • Do not ship any broken tablet.
    • Make sure that the Tablet and Remote Controller have a state of charge below 30%. Discharge them accordingly if necessary.
  • Read the Lithium Batteries Shipping Form contained in this Folder


2. Fill the return form

  • The Return Form is designed to indicate us what products you are shipping back to Flyability. It  also indicates damage and contamination on your UAV.
  • Please fill this form carefully. This will give us all the information we need and will help us in the receiving process.

Providing false or incomplete information about any form of contamination with hazardous materials will be taken as a serious breach of trust, and will result in legal action.