Self training with Elios 1

Every Flyability drone comes with a complementary training. People new to drones will need some coaching to deal with Elios 1, but for some users if is sufficient to go through a self-training process. The following resources are available for pilots wishing to go through self training.

Online Basic Exam. This is a quiz to test you knowledge of Elios 1. It must be completed by all new pilots, even if they take an organized training. Prepare for this quiz by reading the User Manual and Instruction documents.

  • This exam must be passed to activate the warranty
  • This exam must be passed prior to flying the UAV for the first time. A sticker on the Remote Control reminds the owner of a brand new UAV that he should pass his exam prior any use.

Training Exercises. These are designed to give new pilots hands on experience  with flying the drone in a safe area before heading out into the field. The exercises are designed to train the reflexes of the pilot while performing increasingly complex tasks.

Read the Knowledge Base. Read the manual, familiarize yourself with the features of the drone to avoid surprises. Start with simple inspections, and plan them carefully.