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Elios 3 battery charger replacement

Safety around battery manipulation is important ! Since our last communication on this topic in November 2022, about Elios 3 battery safety, we have heard back from customers with damaged battery charger connectors. 

Therefore, we have improved the battery charger connector design. This new design is now the only one being sent with our products. 

In order to increase safety with Elios 3 battery chargers, we offer free replacement of the old ones.

We strongly recommend only using this new charger design and dispose of the old one.

How to recognize and old design charger

Looking at the charger connector

The new charger connector has a shorter lip compared to the old connector.

good-1 bad
New connector < 4 mm (1/8 in) Old connector > 5 mm (3/16 in)

How to request a replacement

We invite you to contact your reseller or Flyability support team directly, support@flyability.com
Specifying the drone serial number linked to the chargers, the batch number of the chargers and the number of chargers needed.


Your reseller or Flyability will ship the replacement charger, depending if you brought the Elios 3 drone from a reseller or directly from Flyability.
Shipment will be done free of charge.

Battery safety

Battery safety information may be found in the battery safety guidelines (BSG) from the documentation section