Elios 2 Warranty

Elios 2 comes with either a 12-month warranty or a 24-month warranty (Professional Package). The warranty covers all the malfunctions that could occur during the life of the product, arising from software or equipment included in the package. With the following conditions:

  • Propellers are changed every 10 flight hours, or whenever they are slightly damaged.
  • Motors are changed every 25 flight hours.
  • Any damage on the Camera lens due to improper cleaning of the lens is not covered by the warranty

Different warranty periods apply to the following components:

  No warranty 6 months 12 months
Propellers X    
Camera servo   X  
Propulsion system¹     X
Battery²   X  
Battery charger   X  
Cage pentagons X    
Carbon inner frame     X
Range extender and camera operator     X
  1. One year and no more than 25 flight hours
  2. Six months and no more that 40 charge/discharge cycles

Any damage due to improper usage or lack of basic maintenance, cleaning will not be covered by warranty.

In case of malfunction during the warranty period, Flyability commits, to its option, to repair the defective product/part or to deliver to its customer an equivalent product/part to replace the defective item.

The warranty is active starting from the day the pilot has passed the Elios 2 Introductory Course and
as long as the drone has not been modified.

Please refer to our GTCs and Product Offering for all the conditions and
limitations related to the warranty.